Kitt Fatale

Tantalizing, Tempting and Seductive . . . Burlesque


Wink! Wink!

What started out as an item on a Bucket List, Burlesque has become an outlet for creative expression. The character creation, sounds of the music and the twirls of the tassels  - all in a flurry of feather,  glitter, and rhinestones makes this girl's heart skip a beat. Follow me on this journey.  I don't know the final destination but I promise you lots of love, laughter and adventure.                                                                                                                                              - Kitt Fatale  

" Kitt Fatale was born to serve the King as a member of his harem. She quickly became his favorite and moved to the rank of Chief Courtesan.  As the years passed, Kitt grew bored of life in the palace.  It was a gilded cage and she was starting to suffocate. One night after dancing for the King, Kitt decided that she was to leave this life in search of new adventures. She hatched a plan with a local sculptor who was to smuggle her out of the palace in a vessel he created.

Everything was going as expected when Kitt learned that one of her servants mentioned to the King her plan. Kitt could hear the armed guards coming down the hall so instead of waiting for the sculptor, she hauled ass down the stairs, across the courtyard and out into the streets.  Not paying attention to what was in front of her, Kitt smacked into a guy on the street dancing for change.  He saw the fear in her eyes and without uttering a word, he motioned for her to climb aboard his caravan and hide below the silken fabric.  The kind stranger gathered the money that he had earned, climbed aboard and signaled the driver to go. 

They traveled a ways in silence.  Once outside the boundaries of the Kingdom, the man spoke to Kitt about his "family" of performers who travel the world.  The idea of this peaked Kitt's interests.  She agreed to travel  with the family so she wouldn't be alone and perform along the way.  

The spirit of adventure is in the air!"

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Feral Showgirls


Feral Showgirls is based in Hampton Roads.  Members are trained in performing arts of all types – include belly dancers, burlesque performers, singers, musicians, comedians, and actors.

For a performance schedule, booking information or simply to see the shenanigans of the Feral Showgirls visit them on Facebook @FeralShowgirls

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